Art Nouveau

Art Nouveau was a decorative style of art with floral patterns, natural themes, and calligraphic line drawing. Art Nouveau started at the end of the 19th century. It is often called the total art style because it included all of the arts. The idea was to break away from the art school and traditional styles from the past. The beginning of Art Nouveau pulls elements and styles from Victorian art, Rococo, Arts and Crafts movement, Fine Arts, and Japanese Woodblock prints. Artists who practiced Art Nouveau had the belief of expanding their abilities beyond what they were taught in schools. They aimed to push it forward and modernize design and art as a whole. An artist from the Art Nouveau time period that made me want to be a designer was Alphonse Maria Mucha. He was a Czech born artist who produced designs and art pieces that were originally called the “Mucha style”, but became known as Art Nouveau. Mucha was known for his frequent depictions of women in a Neoclassical style surrounded in beautiful floral designs and decorative lines. When I first started looking into the graphic design program and started taking my first graphic design class, I had a paper I had to do on an artist. We were given a list of hundreds of artists I had never heard of before. I picked random artists and tried to select a style of art that was similar to the kind of art I enjoyed making. I found Alphonse Mucha’s work and the style blew me away. I loved the vibrant colors he used and the floral designs he always used to decorate the frame around women. I loved the consistency of his art style and how he designed everything from posters to bank notes. I studied him further after the paper was over and discovered Art Nouveau. Art Nouveau is still a very popular style used today. You can commonly find Alphonse Mucha and Art Nouveau inspired art mixed with current pop culture.




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