The Revival of Art Nouveau in 20th Century

Alphonse Mucha has been a great influence in 20th century art. His artworks back in 19th century brought him to future fame. Mucha’s illustrations of stunning female portraits and application of highly decorative backgrounds have been acknowledge by many artists. Lately, his works inspired numerous young artists to incorporate some elements of Art Nouveau to there own work.

A Czech artist, Alphonse Mucha, who is known for establishing the basis of Art Nouveau style. Art Nouveau, or the “new art,” is a movement that aims for the beauty of all aspects of life. This style often possesses elements inspired from nature: flowers, leaves, animals, and some astronomical symbols. It also created fresh style by incorporating detailed decorations. One of the distinct style of the “new art” is the usage of curve lines and several swirling lines or loops. This theme adds elegance and harmony throughout the composition. Mucha’s innovative style led most of his poster arts became well-known. The following images are some of his famous posters.

soap-factory-of-bagnolet-1897Alphonse Mucha, Soap factory of Bagnolet, 1897

alphonse_mucha_-_job_cigarettes_1Alphonse Mucha, Job Cigarettes, 1989

mucha-7Alphonse Mucha, Princezna Hyacinta, 1911

alfons_mucha_-_f-_champenois_imprimeur-editeurAlphonse Mucha, F. Champenois Imprimeur-Éditeur, 1897

mucha-moe%cc%88t__chandon_cremant_imperial-1899Alphonse Mucha, Moë t& Chandon Crémant Impérial, 1899


Alphonse Mucha, Painting, part of the series The Arts,

Mucha’s works have been very influential to most new artists today. A lot of illustrators and comic artists have been inspired by his style. The use of organic and symbolic decorations are common aesthetics throughout many contemporary works. The focus on the female figure and other feminine aspects are also the key underlying elements that define Mucha’s style and the broad spectrum of Art Nouveau. It is through these visual elements that help lay the ground work and initial inspirations for modern day Art Nouveau artists.

One of the artists that was highly inspired by Mucha’s style is Hanie Mohd. She combined some female comic characters with decorative background inspired by Mucha’s artworks. The following are Hanie Mohd’s illustrations.











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