The Poster Style Today

Advertisement has progressed over the last hundred years as well as through the five hundred pages of Eskilson’s text. The movement called Plakatil is better known as the Poster style and it has changed over time within the movement itself as well as how it influenced advertisement creation today. In some cases the poster style was used to advertise for the World War I to show young men to feel comfortable enough to enlist. Along with advertising for the War, it was also used for business companies to display their new or upcoming product. Advertising during this movement represented a direct way to get the viewer’s attention by using an image and one grabbing word. For example, there are well known companies such as Nike, Starbucks and Under Armor that use this technique to ultimately grab a passing customer.

Lucian Bernhard was the one that created the Poster Style and expressed that using simple form, having a central image and allowing one word that describes the company be more effective than crowding the poster with long paragraphs, and hard to understand graphic.

When Lucian Bernhard created the Poster Style he produced a simple way to grab the viewers attention with one word and one image or central point. Viewing advertisement around campus, heading to work and having it shown on television only allows the viewer to see the display for a few seconds therefore the message should be clear without confusing the audience or having the audience lose interest. Therefore, it needs to be simple, clear and quick to be ultimately remembered when it is crossed again. The examples, Nike, Under Armor and Starbucks are easily remember and very easy to describe. This style can be used for advertisement in areas where it’s urgent to read or in malls when shoppers are intrigued by the word “sale” or “discount”. Other ways of advertising in an effective way are in areas of transportation; this gives the viewer time to analyze the catching word and the grabbing graphic. TV commercial’s, brochures, road signs, posters and billboards are also other forms of effective ways to advertise anything the creator wants to grab attention too. To achieve an effective way of advertisement in this movement as well as today is all about the approach that the artist takes when working with limited elements and having those elements work together.

Graphic Design has grown over the years of technology as well as how that effects development of product designs, website designs, print designs, marketing and advertising. The growth of it has benefited the world of design and its designers but also has caused concern to “what will designers create next?” or “what will be the next big thing?” questions which means what can designers create that will keep up with the pace of society. These concerns could have also affected Bernhard because he was at first the only person who created these posters. When society started to change he had to think bigger and start looking for innovative ways to draw the audience in without using the same relationship between image and text. Bernhard kept up with the changing of design by expanding his ideas and thoughts to another artist, Ludwig Hohlwein. Enlarging Bernhard’s techniques and ideas allows for the next artist like Hohlwein to come and enlarge those ideas as well as express his own. This process goes on forever therefore it allows designers to be prepared at all times with fresh new ways to please society.


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