Henna Candles


Henna comes from a natural leaf that is made into a paste. It’s applied to hands, arms, and feet of the bride. This application has its own separate ceremony during traditional Indian weddings. Over the years, henna design and uses are more modernized. The paste is now applied to everyday household items, such as candles, vases, lamp shades, furniture… etc. Now instead of piping the cone with the natural paste, acrylic paint is piped in, and can be used on these items as well as paintings. Design wise, instead of creating patterns and various shadings using one color, multiple colors and hues are using. These are also used to replace a solid shades of color in modern day designs. The need for this technique and design has become a large business and is spreading to other cultures. Traditional uses for items are now used for more decorative purposes.

The objects of this image sit on a flat surface, which is brown and sleek with textured streaks that run across it while the subjects  reflect across the top. The design is primarily based off of square shaped structures that are placed in the foreground and background. The object is white and slightly transparent and becomes richer and darker in color as you look towards the middle. There is a string that extends out from the center of the structure. Floral designs are randomly placed on the cubic form and the patterns are outlined in black and shaded in with gold lines. Yellow and red dots are placed in circles towards the center of the flower surrounding a diamond gem is in the very center.

These are amongst the common designs and objects found at weddings and parties used for decoration purposes. They are often made with paint however, because the paste with chip off the sleek surface of the candle. Various candle types are typically placed around an idol, or on a large round plate, that is also decorated with these designs. This enhances the natural elegance that candles bring to an environment. Not only can they attract our sense of smell if scented, but also are visually appealing.

The Macbook Pro


The MacBook Pro by no surprise is an item used worldwide amongst millions of people in society today. This tech savvy device is one of the top competing computer brands on the market. In the image, the MacBook Pro can be seen with its simple yet modern design. The company Apple, who specialize in products like the iPhone, iPad, and iPod, established this computer. Apple hdsc_8940olds a high reputation in the technology market due to their cohesive product line. When it comes to Apple’s computers there’s a variety of targeted consumers. Specifically for the MacBook Pro, one targeted audience would be graphic designers due to the laptops features such as their retina screen display and increased RAM space. While this device can be used for many different everyday tasks it also has a clean look to it that consists of may stylistic qualities.

There are different design elements present in this particular computer. The main shapes of the MacBook consist of two large rectangular forms. On the base of the computer are smaller black rectangular keys that lay horizontally on the plane. Below the black squares is a light grey rectangular track pad. If one was to closely look, the faint rectangle slightly dips down into the base of the computer, giving it a sense of depth. The way the colors contrast with each other also stands out. Two of the colors that is most apparent are black and grey, with black taking up majority of the piece. The screen and frame of the MacBook are all black, while the base of the computer is a light grey color.  The way the black offsets the grey allows the viewer to see the dimension throughout the whole computer. For example, the small square keys that fall along the base of the laptop show depth because of the grey that intertwines between the keys. Another stylistic element to this design is the texture. The overall form is smooth, with the exception of the keypad. Even though they are elevated, the forms still have a flushed surface to them. This computer sits on an almost perfect 90-degree angle, which show the symmetrical relationship between the top and bottom pieces of the laptop. Due to the angle the MacBook sits on, there is also a slight shadow that appears underneath of it. This shadow gives the viewer an idea of the deepness that is apparent along the front and sides of the item. Towards the top left hand corner, the presents of a slight glare can be seen as well. This gives off the sense that the surface may be similar to glass or hard plastic since it shows a reflection from the light. Overall, there is a sense of unity within the design due to the way the colors compliment each other, the shapes are symmetrical, and the textures are cohesive throughout.

This laptop is something that is resourceful within society, especially with technology advancing everyday. The fact that this computer is portable as well as verily slim in design adds to the effectiveness of the product. Based off a lot of products Apple has put out, their use in simplicity is always very apparent, which show in the MacBook Pro design. The very simplistic color palette as well as the overall sleek look to the computer is pleasing to the eye in personal opinion. Like the saying “Less is more”, Apple definitely has conformed to this phrase.  There is also a feeling of sophistication in the overall design. All of Apple’s products carry the signature apple logo and muted color palette to complement the design. This allows the consumer to focus in on the important aspects of the computer rather than be distracted by an overworked design concept. The design aesthetic can be seen as very clean and straight to the point. This adds to the fact that Apple raves about the speed and technological advances their product offers compared to other marketed laptops. Their design choice also creates a sense of luxury due to the sleek modern style of the computer. The simplistic design Apple chose for their computer also keeps the historic feel of the original laptop, with a twist of more modern features. Due to the stylistic choices Apple has made, their computer is one of the top selling brands to date.